the concept

During his 15 years of experience in multinationals and SMEs, François Drounau figured out that a link in the chain was often missing to successfully carry out the projects of the brands – especially those projects that were not in the core business of the company. The multinationals always miss time, the SMEs often miss resources.
With this in mind, he decided to create in 2014 the first outsourcing marketing company in wines and spirits: L’Assemblage. In 2017, to meet growing needs, L’Assemblage expands its field of expertise on operations. Cécile Bagot joins the team to offer customers support in Lean, Quality and Continuous Improvement. From upstream to downstream, L’Assemblage supports its clients in their projects and progress.
In 2019, Cécile moved to Singapore and L’Assemblage opened up on Asia, an area that is essential from sales, digital and supply chain perspective. “This is the assemblage of our skills that will drive success.”

A new product to launch ?
Branding definition ?
Website creation ?
Need for time-share Marketing manager ?


Developing annual or multi-annual plans, conducting studies, building brand platform, advisory, auditing


Product launch, branding program, packaging, mix, trade shows, events, PR, qualitative and quantitative studies, agencies and supplier management


Web sites, social network, apps, e-commerce


Start-ups, open innovation, trends

Wine & spirit tourism

Plans, sites, tours, cellars

Training / internal communication

Team training, seminars, Evin Law, team building

Channels of distribution

Knowledge of Off Trade networks (supermarkets), On trade (restaurants) and e-commerce, support in trade partners research.


Defining Sale strategy, knowledge of sales channels for wine & spirits, deploying on various locations (EMEA, Asia, USA/Canada)


Specialist of wine (French and international) and spirits (Cognac, whisky, rum, gin, vodka)


Valuation of deployed approaches

Asia Focus

Marketing (market understanding, offer digitalization, organizing events and tasting), and sales (importers and retailers follow up, retail, store checks)

Improve your competitiveness or quality ?
Get referenced by new clients in Asia?
Become certified ISO, IFS or BRC?
Improve lead time and logistics?
Reduce cost of production?

Lean Transformation

Diagnosing and identifying wastes, collaborative problem solving, optimizing operational processes with workshops, indicators and performance management, mindset and behaviors, change management

Change management & industrial projects

New organization, new products, new line, new suppliers, new IT system etc. L’Assemblage supports you in your projects


Requirements specifications, qualification, control plan, quality management, training


Quality and Food safety auditing of your company, partners or suppliers, to prepare client homologation or a certification


Problem solving, non-quality cost reduction, defective stocks management

Asia Focus

Suppliers following and auditing, supply-chain improving, quality management, lean transformation, anti-counterfeiting initiatives