Bache Gabrielsen Private Cognac Cask

Your own Cognac cask

Maison Bache Gabrielsen opens its know-how to spirit lovers: spiritlovers can now acquire their own cognac cask! Participate in the creation of a cognac, choose its brandies with a cellar master, follow their aging? Bache Gabrielsen is launching a new offer to acquire its own Cognac cask, personalized alongside the Maitre de Chai. A first in the history of Cognac; a bold bet from the house which continues to innovate in the service of sharing and transmission. By launching the PRIVATE cognac CASK, La Maison Bache-Gabrielsen opens the doors to a universe traditionally reserved for the Cellar Master. The connoisseur, like the least initiated, can now afford his own keg! A unique offer that allows you to share artisanal know-how beyond its borders and with a circle of experts.

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Exclusive signet ring by A. de Fussigny

Launch of a world exclusive

A. de Fussigny and Arvin collaborate to create a unique gold signet ring containing a 1970 vintage Petite Champagne cognac. As part of its permanent search for innovation and excellence, Maison A. de Fussigny sought to combine two worlds of luxury and decided to combine the best of jewelry with the best of spirits. She therefore turned to the house of Arvin, who developed a unique technique allowing the encapsulation of great wines and spirits in a pearl which will then adorn precious jewelry made to measure by Carl Jolibert, a recognized sapper for over 20 years. The Arvin for A. de Fussigny signet ring will only be produced in 10 copies and will be available on request from Maison A. de Fussigny.



Cercle was created to mark 30 years of collaboration between the company Bache Gabrielsen and its cellar master, Jean-Philippe Bergier. Cercle is a blend of the lots of each of the winemakers, who are or have been faithful partners of the House for the last thirty years. The edition is limited to 1000 bottles.


Launch of a unique gin

The Gin Hold Up is the result of a collaboration between the distiller's know-how and the imagination of a crime novel writer. The result is a perfect cocktail that combines precision, inspiration and passion. Hold Up is an artisanal gin distilled in the Cognac region. Its unique recipe highlights the quintessence of carefully selected botanicals including the tonka bean, anise or coriander. The complex and very aromatic will appeal to fans of gin, whether it is simply accompanied by a tonic, Negroni or any other cocktail he will make a base more than convincing. So, ready for the break of the century?



Jules Gautret created his cognac house in 1847 when he was 21 years old, barely major. He becomes one of the youngest Chai Masters in the region. This precocity illustrates a very strong personality, characterized by audacity, discovery or the spirit of adventure. Initially alone and without employees, he had to learn all facets of the business to meet the demands of his clients. Jules Gautret's Exclusives reflect the philosophy of their founder: they illustrate the boldness and mastery shown by Jules Gautret when starting this great adventure and throughout his life, his thirst for discovery, his spirit of adventure. Jules Gautret's Exclusives range consists of 3 cognacs (VS, VSOP and XO) as well as 3 pineaux (white, rosé and very old).



Aquavit is the ultimate Scandinavian spirit. Based on its Norwegian roots and know-how acquired in cognac for more than 100 years, Maison Bache-Gabrielsen launches the first Aquavit developed in Cognac. This achievement is the result of a close collaboration between Bache-Gabrielsen (founded in 1905), and the micro-distillery Audemus Spirits (created in 2013 in Cognac), subtle alliance between tradition and modernity. This Aquavit comes from a blending of two spirits. The first one, in which several botanicals such as caraway, coriander or green anise have macerated, is distilled in a traditional Charentais still. The second one is distilled under vacuum and at low pressure, in a glass still, to extract in finesse the aromas from angelica.


Brand Creation

Is there a cognac house more attached to the traditions than Château Montifaud?" Laurent Vallet and his wife Elodie, viticulturists and distillers at heart, yet created a surprise at Vinexpo with the launch of the distilled gin Osmoz, fully developed and distilled from grapes. For the two references of the range - Osmoz Classic and Osmoz Citrus - they blended the inevitable juniper to a selection of six characteristic aromas of their cognacs collection: linden, apple, licorice, apricot, almond and clove, a diversification as the Spirits Valley likes them. " VSNews

Maison bache-gabrielsen // vsop triple cask

Rebranding & Launch

After having successfully repackaged its iconic Très Kors, Maison Bache-Gabrielsen decided to tackle its no less well-known VSOP. With the help of L'Assemblage, a study was first conducted on the concept, then the content and container have been redesigned. The result is this superb Triple Cask VSOP, whose specificity is to have a third ageing process in French oak barrels once the blending is made. This additional process brings to the VSOP a roundness and a unique greed. Available everywhere, especially in French retailing.

distillerie tessendier // rhum saison​


The Tessendier Distillery completes its product portfolio with the arrival of a Caribbean rum. The three selected batches were distilled and aged in three different terroirs (Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados), assembled in Charente and refined in cognac barrels by Jerome Tessendier, cellar master. Named Season because of the 4 stages of its development, this rum with no added sugar is bottled at 42%.

maison hardy // legend 1863

brand creation

Legends often start with love stories. Legend 1863 tells the story of an English gentleman, Anthony Hardy, who became French by passion for a region and a product, the cognac. Legend 1863 is Maison Hardy's homage to this entrepreneur, for whom the rooster, France’s emblem, was also a symbol of conquest. Exciting and complex project that has required creation of a specific bottle.

maison bache gabrielsen // distillations

Inauguration of the DistillationS range with American Oak whisky

New range of spirits other than cognac, DistillationS by Bache Gabrielsen is officially launched at Vinexpo. The Maison had already breathed new life into Cognac with the creation of "AMERICAN OAK", the first cognac ever aged in American oak barrels. These are the same barrels, but having already contained the Bache-Gabrielsen AMERICAN OAK cognac, which have partly aged the WHISKY American Oak, first opus of the DistillationS range. This launch is a perfect illustration of the house's desire to move forward with its new signature "spirit revealer".

maison tiffon // crème liqueur by braastad

"This is a new cream liqueur (17 °) made in France that comes on the market. Developed by the House Tiffon - led by the family Braastad - this blend of cognac Petite Champagne (56%) and cream can be drunk before or after the meal, iced or at room temperature. Launched in early May, By Braastad is available in Scandinavia and Tiffon shop”. VSNews - June 2017